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How to use Strava on mobile phone



Strava is a GPS-based mobile tracking app to record activities (like running, walking, biking, swimming…) and provide data related to those activities like distance, duration, pace/speed…On Strava, you can also share activities with friends and follow their activities, join challenges, find sports clubs and other interesting features.


Step 1: Download Strava on your mobile phone

Step 2: Create an account on Strava

You can log in Strava through Facebook, Google or register by email. Choose 1 out of 3 options below then follow instructions on the app to create an account.

Sign up 1
Choose 1 out of 3 options then click “Agree and Sign Up”
Sign up 2
If you choose Facebook, click “Continue”. If you choose Google, enter your email and password.

Step 3: Get familiar with the interface

On the dashboard below, you can see these features:

  • Feed: Updates of all activities of people you follow, of yourself and clubs.
  • Explore: Discover challenges, finding clubs or suggested local running routes (Segments).
  • Record: Record your activities based on GPS.
  • Profile: Your personal information.
  • Summit: Other tools from Strava to track your workout (fees required).



Start recording an activity

Tap the circular Record icon located in the middle of the dashboard.

Record 1

You can choose the activity type by tapping the shoe (or other) icon above the Start button. For The Running Hub’s challenges, please choose Run or Walk.

To begin, tap Start, put your phone in your pocket/belt then start running or walking.

Record 2

You can toggle between the map and stats displays by tapping the pin icon next to Stop button.

Record 3


Tap the Stop button (square) to pause the activity. After that, you can continue the activity by tapping Resume.

Attention: If you do not tap Stop when pausing, the app will still count time and might affect total duration as well as your pace/speed.

Record 4

If you want the app to automatically pause when you are at rest, go to Settings => Choose Auto-Pause => Turn on Run Auto-Pause by sliding the toggle button to the right. So you do not have to tap Stop then Resume every time you are at rest. The app will be automatically paused and restarted when you move.

Record 5

Finish and save your activity

If you want to finish the activity, tap Finish button on the right-hand side of Resume button. You will be directed to Save Activity screen to save information including:

  • Name: Title of your activity
  • Photos: If you want to add illustrative photos to that activity
  • Sport: Run or Walk (depending on your initial selection, before tapping Start)
  • Type: You can classify the activity into one of several types including Long Run, Workout, Race.
  • Description: Detailed description about this activity
  • How did that activity feed: The level of this activity including Easy, Moderate and Max Effort.

Record 6

After that, tap “Save Activity”. After being saved, your activity will immediately appear on Feed screen. If you want to delete it, choose “Discard Activity”.

Attention: If you choose Discard and confirm this decision, Strava will not be able to retrieve your activity.

Record 7

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