Virtual challenge

How to submit results for online challenges on The Running Hub

virtual run

Online challenges are challenges including running, walking or other activities on The Running Hub that you register then perform anytime, anywhere at your own convenience.

For each run/walk recorded on mobile app/smartwatch/treadmill, participants will submit result following these steps:

Sign in

After signing in your personal account on https://therunninghub.net/, click the menu icon on top right-hand side of your screen, choose “Welcome, <Your name>”, then choose “Activities”.

Or go to this link https:// therunninghub.net/user/activities

If the website is in Vietnamese, click “Tiếng Việt”, then switch to “English”


Choose submission method

You can submit results for online challenges using 1 of the following 2 ways:

  • Connect Strava to The Running Hub: Read guideline HERE
  • Manual submission: Follow steps 1-4 below

Step 1: Start the process

Click “Submit activity” button.


Step 2: Choose the event(s)

Click on the event you want to submit result (all results will be saved to your personal record by default), then click “Next”


Step 3: Fill in the activity details

Fill in the information of your activity, including:

  • Activity name (optional)
  • Distance (select among km, meter or mile)
  • Time (hour, minute, second)
  • Screenshots from your mobile tracking app/smartwatch/treadmill to show the distance you covered (click “Select images” to upload images from your phone/computer).

Then click “Finish”.



If you perform multiple runs/walks to complete the registered distance, submit information of ALL those runs/walks. After you submit sufficient distance, we will send a confirmation email along with your e-certificate.

Step 4: Review and delete activity (if needed)

Successfully added activities will appear in “My Activities” list. All activities (including activities submitted for events and personal records) are summarized in the orange “Stats” table.


To review an activity, tap the green eye icon on top right corner, then tap the image to zoom in.

View activity-EN

If you detect any mistake, like accidentally entering wrong distance/time, you can delete the activity by tapping the red trash bin icon on top right corner, then submit another activity.

Delete activity - EN

Check your event progress

You can check how many % of the registered distance you have completed by choosing “Activity completion”.


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