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How to register The City Warrior on your mobile phone


With a few simple steps, you can use your phone to book ticket for The City Warrior event of The Running Hub. 

Step 1: Access the event page

Access this link: https://therunninghub.net/events/the-city-warrior-3

Here you can find all information about The City Warrior like time, location, ticket fee, distance, race kit,… If it is in Vietnamese, choose the drop-down menu on the top right-hand side and switch to English.

For details in English, please visit our blog HERE.

Step 2: Tap “Register” button below

Step 2

Step 3: Sign in

If you have not signed in yet, our system will direct you to Sign in screen. Please tap “Confirm”.

Step 3_1

You can choose 1 of 3 quick sign-in methods including Gmail, Facebook, Strava (3 orange squares above). Tap on the account you want then follow its instruction to authorize The Running Hub to use your account.

Or you can manually create an account by tapping on “Sign up”, then fill in your personal information to create an account. 

Step 3_2

Step 4: Register for the event

After signing in, if you are re-directed to homepage, please swipe up to find The City Warrior. Then tap on “Register”

Step 4

Otherwise, if you are re-directed to Select ticket screen, please jump to Step 5.

Step 5: Select ticket

Tap “Select” button next to the ticket you want to buy. Then tap “Next”.

Step 5

Step 6: Enter your personal information

Please fully enter your personal information. You are only allowed to move to next step after you fill in all information.


  • Enter correct email address since we will send your booking no. to this address.
  • Enter correct shipping address since we will ship your medals and gifts to this address.
  • For children who have no ID/Passport no., you can skip this field.

Step 6_1

Step 7: Enter participation details

  • Enter the name you would like to engrave on medal and appear on e-certificate
  • Choose your T-shirt size if you want to order. If not, your ticket will not include T-shirt by default.

After filling in all information, please tap “Next”.

Step 7_1

Step 8: Check out

Check your ticket information carefully before booking. Enter discount code (if any).


  • Tick the box “Direct bank transfer” to show payment information.
  • Tick the box “I haved agreed to all Terms & Conditions…”.
  • You can only move to next step after you tick those 2 boxes.
  • Besides, you can also tap on The Running Hub and Organizer to read all terms & conditions before booking tickets.

Finally, tap “Place Order”.

Step 8

If the system announces successful transaction, you have completed the booking process. Please check your email to know the BOOKING CODE, then make payment to complete your registration.

In case not receiving email, you can check in your Payments. If you find booking code here, it means you have successfully registered. You can use this code to make bank transfer.


If you have any concern, feel free to contact us through:

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