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How to connect Strava to The Running Hub


What is Strava? How to install and use Strava?

If you have not used Strava before, take a look at How to use Strava on mobile phone

Why you should connect Strava to The Running Hub?

Connecting your Strava account to The Running Hub (TRH) account allows data to be automatically synchronized from Strava to TRH without manual submission.

In other words, after you register for an online race on TRH and connect Strava to TRH, you can open Strava mobile app (or smartwatch connected to Strava), put the phone in your pocket and enjoy your run/walk.

The result will be automatically updated into your TRH account along with statistics to see how many % of the registered distance you have completed.

Steps to connect Strava to The Running Hub

If you already created an account on The Running Hub before 1st Sep 2020, please sign out and sign in again before connecting Strava to TRH.

Step 1: Go to “Activities”


Step 2: Choose “Sync activity”

Tap “Sync activity” (blue rectangle below). Before synchronization, Strava logo is in grey.


Step 3: Authorize

The website will direct you to Strava log in page. Please choose the log in method you prefer.

Then tap “Authorize” (orange button) to allow The Running Hub connect to Strava.


Step 4: Finish connection

After successful connection, Strava logo will turn orange. The synced activities will appear in “My activities” list.


Step 5: Check your progress

In an online race, you can check how many % of the registered distance you have completed by going to “Activity completion”.



  • The activities will be synced into TRH within maximum 30 minutes from the time you save them on Strava.
  • Only runs/walks performed after your successful payment and Strava connection can be counted into your registered events.
  • If you wish to use runs/walks before payment time (but within Organizer’s allowed time), please follow manual submission guideline HERE.
  • You can use 1 run/walk to submit to 2 or more events, as long as those events happen at the same period of time. With Strava connection, TRH will automatically sync your results to those events.
  • You cannot delete or edit runs/walks synced from Strava on TRH. If you wish to do so, please do it in your Strava account.

If you have any concern, feel free to contact us through:

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